3-in-1 Cat Scratching Post With Hammock & Toy - Tall

HEALTHY CAT: The cat tree tower promotes healthy claws through natural scratching & allows your cat to play scratch stretch lounge purr sleep rest chill and more. It’s a wonderful source of exercise a terrific stress reliever and it will improve your cat's overall wellness. Scratching helps stretch their paws and removes debris as well as the old outer layer of their nails which will pave the way for new healthy layers of the nail which lie underneath. PLAYTIME: The cat tree includes a ball on a string that attaches to the hammock. Sit back and watch your cat play for hours of entertainment. They will swat bite rub lick slash and scratch that ball to their little heart's content. DURABLE DESIGN: The cat tree house is constructed from sturdy pressed wood and wrapped in faux fleece while the posts are covered by sisal rope which is bound to attract your kitten’s claws and scratching spirit.


DIMENSIONS: 16”L x 16”W x20”H inches. EASY TO ASSEMBLE: The scratching post can be set up in a matter of minutes. Simply follow the instructions and securely fasten the four (4) screws into place. Screws and instructions are included. CAT SCRATCHING POST Not only is it a nice napping perch but the posts covered in sisal rope provides a safe and healthy scratcher which will help promote healthy nails for your feline friend. SOFT TOUCH With luxuriously soft & plush fabric the hammock provides that delightful comfy paw feel your cat loves.


30 Day Warranty