Ava and Ethan Blue Light Glasses for Kids Ages 2-7 - 2 Pack

Black/Two Tone Blue
Black/Two Tone Pink
Black/ Blue
Investing in a pair of blue light glasses from Ava & Ethan provides your child's eyes valuable protection from the harmful blue light rays that emanate during screen time. Weighing in at less than 1 ounce this pair is ultra-lightweight for hours of comfortable use. Kid-friendly Durability: Our frames are built tough with active youngsters in mind. Every pair also includes a matching protective clamshell case. The lenses are engineered using specialty acrylate polymer for crystal clear optics with no unnatural yellowing common with budget eyewear.


  • Blue light Blocking Non-prescription Glasses for Kids
  • Reduces harmful blue ray that causes eyestrain and headache keep your child's eyesight clear and healthy
  • The frame is made of Ultra-Flexible material that is bendable and tailor-made for kids
  • Lens are made of engineered Acrylic material that is shatterproof for life
  • Lightweight: each pair of glasses weights only 20 grams
  • Come with a protective hard shell carrying case


30 Day Warranty