Digital Infrared Thermometer Plugs into Smartphone for Body Surface Temperature Checks

Accurate measurement: built-in smart thermopile sensor temperature measurement through accurate recognition of the human body surface. Easy operation: Aim at the center of the forehead 1-second quick measurement accurate to 0.1 degree Convenient reading: OLED large screen display the high-brightness font is convenient for the elderly to view. To toggle from Celsius to Farenheit there is a button on the back of the device. Higher precision: Increase distance room temperature and ambient temperature compensation sensors. High safety performance: The product supports non-contact measurement which greatly improves safety. No burden to carry: The cell phone thermometer is small and light convenient to carry and temperature measurement at any time. Smart mobile phone thermometer built-in smart thermopile sensor 1-second quick measurement accurate to 0.1 degrees.



  • Type: Cell Phone Thermometer
  • Measuring range: 2-8cm
  • Measurement accuracy: 0.1℃
  • Size: 49x27x12.5mm
  • Temperature measurement range: 34-45℃
  • Display mode: screen display
  • Battery type: mobile phone interface
  • Response time: 0.8 seconds


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