Flexible Cable-Style Charger Mount for 8-Pin iPhones®

They say that the mother of invention is necessity. And this Flexible Cable-Style Charger Mount is proof that it's true. Working as a phone charger and a phone mount for your 8-pin iPhone you have the perfect hands-free way to use your phone for so many different situations whether for work or play. Made out of flexible coil and over 2' long it can easily display your screen at whatever angle you need while the lined grip keeps it snug and secure. Order one today and see how easy and convenient it can be! iPhone and Lightning are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.


• Made out of flexible coil with polyurethane-lined grip to keep it safe and secure
• Works as a phone charger and mount
• Compatible with 8-pin iPhones (Lightning® connectors)
• Flexible design makes it easy to display your phone at whatever angle you wish
• Measures over 2' L


30 Day Warranty