Galvanox Car Vent Mount Charger for MagSafe Cases 15W Wireless Fast Charging for iPhone

Designed for use with Official Mag-safe cases the Galvanox Wireless Charging Magnetic Vent Mount is designed for compatibility with all iPhone 12 Series models (12 / Pro / Pro max and Mini) Magnet + Clamp: Eliminate slips and drops with seamless auto-clamping functionality simply dock your phone and the built-in sensor will do the rest! Awesome features include: Fast-charging support (USB-C 5w/7.5w/10w/15w) padded grips led power indicator low profile design and one finger phone release.


  • Easy & Strong: Your vent mount includes an air-vent grip that grabs and holds on like a piranha in attack mode. (we know all about your "slippy" vent clip frustrations)


30 Day Warranty