Green Beans Seed Sprouter Tray Kit Seed Germination Tray with 50 Planting Papers BPA Free - 5 Pack

This Seed Sprouter Kit comes with 5 sprouting trays and 50 planting papers. The sprouter tray is a kitchen tool that has been used for decades to grow seeds into nutritious sprouts and mini vegetables with minimal care. Using a Sprouter your harvest is ready in just under a week. Sprouts are highly nutritious. Once the sprouts are ready you simply remove them from your Sprouter and serve them the way you want. You will then need to wash your Sprouter and start the sprouting process again or dry and store your Sprouter until you are ready to use it again. For the best results when sprouting keep your Sprouter in a cool dry place. Planting Guide: Go over your seeds to make a careful selection and then throw poor seeds away. Clean your seeds once then pour some water to soak seeds for several hours. [P.S. Most of the seed needs to be soaked for 6-12 hours] After completing the soaking process but the planting plate over the water-containing plate. Start to spread the seeds on the planting plate please avoid overlap. [P.S. If the holes are too big for your seeds you must put down a chemical-free germinating paper towel so the seeds won't go through.] Get the seeds wet by spray kettle and cover the seeds lightly with a piece of germinating paper then spray water again. Now you just need to wait for seed germination [P.S. It may take 2-5 days to germinate]. Meantime remember to spray water on the paper 1-2 times a day and keep the seeds out of the sun. When you find emerging shoots reach 0.79"-1.18" long you can remove the paper. Finally start to add some water to the bottom tray when the bud of the root pierces the planting plate better not touch the seeds so as to avoid your seeds decaying. WARM TIPS: For the sixth step: When you add water please do not let your seeds touch the water so as to avoid the seeds decaying. Replacement of freshwater for the bottom tray is done 1-2 times a day.


COMPLETE KIT - 5 Trays of Size: 35*26*5mm and 50 Planting Papers specifically designed for the Allware Sprouter Tray. Perfect starter tray for any space at home or in an office. Planting papers designed for Allware sprouting trays.

DOUBLE-DECK DESIGN - Upper grid plate lower water-saving plate excess water will flow to the bottom to avoid vegetable seedlings decay due to too much water.

MULTIFUNCTION - Both seed sprouter and storage tray. It can sprout multiple types of seeds soya bean mung bean peanut black bean wheat buckwheat okra string bean radish grey pea.

EASY TO USE - Follow the instructions even children can sprout beans easily. Food grade PP material healthy and durable. Sprouting without soil or chemical additives. Enjoy healthy sprouts for salads sandwiches and soups.

ENJOY - Enjoy Nutritious Green Food at Home! Sprouting without soil or chemical additives. Enjoy healthy sprouts for salads sandwiches and soups.


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