Kaenon Glasses or Sunglasses Frame 52-16-131 403 Series

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Kaenon Eyeglasses are technologically advanced prescription eyewear an eyewear company founded in 2001 by Steve and Darren Rosenberg. Emphasizing comfort with style this glasses frame is a great choice for function and fits while expressing bold and sleek style. Simplicity on a pedestal. That's the Kaenon Eyeglasses. Designed for use with prescription lenses (frames do not include usable lenses) Frame Size Information: If you look on the inside of the arm of your glasses you find will something that looks like 52 16 135. This is information on the size of your glasses: the lens diameter the bridge width and the arm length all measured in millimeters. The Eye Width or Lens Diameter is the width of the lens (in mm) measured from the bridge. (In this example the Eye Width is 52.) The Bridge Width is the gap above your nose between the lenses. It should be comfortable. Too tight and the glasses could pinch your nose; too loose and the glasses will not be stable on your face. (In this example the Bridge Width is 16.) The Temple Length or Arm Length is usually one of three standards – 135 140 or 145mm. The arm should be long enough to sit comfortably over your ears. Glasses with straight arms do not always have this measurement indicated. (In this example the Temple Length is 135.)


  • Made with acrylic materials
  • Lightweight flexible and comfortable
  • Sized for adults
  • Size: 52mm lens 16mm bridge 131mm temple
  • Series: 403
  • Color: Chocolate Blues/Eggplant/Tobacco Denim
  • Country of Origin: Italy
  • Frames only. Does not come with usable lenses.


30 Day Warranty