Mophie Juice Pack Qi Wireless Charging Battery Case for Apple iPhone X

You use your phone for everything-notifications texting watching videos getting directions taking pictures. It’s a lot to ask of your battery. The Juice Pack Air battery case made for iPhone x extends the life of your phone up to a total of 30 hours and maintains compatibility with any Qi Wireless Charging system. The slim design feels so light you’ll forget It’s housing a built-in battery.


EXTRA BATTERY LIFE: The juice pack air made for Apple iPhone XS X features a 1 720mAh battery that can deliver enough power to extend the life of your phone up to a total of 30 hours with the push of a button

WIRELESS CHARGING: The juice pack air is compatible with Qi and other Wireless systems commonly found in cafes airports vehicles and even some new furniture

THIN AND LIGHTWEIGHT: The thin light-weight design is so comfortable in your hand you’ll forget it has a built-in battery

HIGH IMPACT PROTECTION: The juice pack air made for iPhone x provides high-impact protection with raised corners rubberized support Pads and a hard-shell case

INNOVATIVE CHARGING TECHNOLOGIES: Priority+ charging allows pass-through charge and sync while connected to a power source or computer so your iPhone recharges first and then the Juice pack air battery recharges itself


30 Day Warranty