Premium Salt and Pepper Grinder Set with Table Stand Adjustable Coarseness

Whether they’re for everyday use or you’re entertaining guests every home should be equipped with kitchen essentials that will take your dining experience to the next level in style! DREMUN’S SALT & PEPPER GRINDERS ARE THE PERFECT MARRIAGE OF QUALITY & STYLE! At Dremun we understand the importance of quality kitchen staples that last a long time and can perform in everyday situations and during special occasions. That’s why we have designed our salt & pepper shakers with your convenience in mind. These grinders feature several key features that will make life in the kitchen easier and are sure to impress the company. The sleek & stylish design of this salt & pepper grinder set is perfect for just about any home and occasion. The brushed stainless steel complements any kitchen or dining room decor and will match any color scheme during special occasions. The matching stand ensures that it stays upright and doesn’t fall or create annoying messes or spills. SAY GOODBYE TO ANNOYING MESSES & SPILLS Our salt and pepper mills were designed to keep your spices where they belong. The transparent bodies on these shakers allow you to know when it’s time to refill and the wide opening allows for easy & mess-free refills. Keep your salt & pepper in the grinders and on your food where they belong! CUSTOMIZE YOUR DINING EXPERIENCE WITH THE ADJUSTABLE COARSENESS FEATURE! Our salt & pepper crushers have a knob that allows you to dispense fine or coarse seasoning depending on what you and your guests are in the mood for.


  • Set of 2
  • Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Adjustable Coarseness
  • Matching Stand
  • Easy Refilling
  • 5 Inches
  • Makes A Great Gift 


30 Day Warranty