ZAGG Rugged Book for iPad Air 2 with Detachable Backlit Keyboard

The ZAGG Rugged Book wireless Bluetooth keyboard features tough polycarbonate and soft silicone that deliver unmatched protection. A unique magnetic hinge secures your iPad Air 2 at virtually any angle and converts into four multifunction modes while a lithium polymer battery provides up to two years of typing between charges. Live Without Boundaries with the Most Versatile Rugged Bluetooth Keyboard and Case Keyboard Mode The magnetic hinge holds your iPad Air 2 at virtually any viewing angle while backlit keys set in a spacious typing area ensure fast accurate typing in any situation. Video Mode Reverse your iPad Air 2 and set it at the perfect viewing angle so you can watch all your favorite videos in comfort anywhere. Case Mode Tough polycarbonate inlaid with durable silicone covers a stainless steel plate that provides ultimate protection and a solid typing surface. Book Mode The magnetic hinge reverses to secure your iPad Air 2 in a convenient book mode that protects your keyboard and iPad Air 2 while you read. Rugged Construction Engineered with tough polycarbonate and soft silicone with a hidden stainless steel sheet for added protection the Rugged Book is designed to deflect impact damage away from your iPad Air 2 and keep it looking as new as the day you got it no matter where your adventures take you. 2-Year Battery Life Designed for your busy life the Rugged Book features a powerful lithium polymer battery that keeps you typing for up to two years between charges!


  • Ultimate Durability: A multi-layered removable case deflects impact energy to keep your iPad safe no matter where it goes.
  • 4 Multi-Function modes protects your iPad and allows you to quickly separate it from the keyboard for maximum utility. (Keyboard Case Video or Book Modes)
  • Keyboard Mode offers backlit keys and the largest typing area for fast accurate typing. (Air 2 does not offer multi-color)
  • Magnets activate sleep/wake function to preserve battery
  • Two-Year Battery: A powerful lithium polymer battery powers the Rugged Book for up to two years between charges.


1 Year Warranty