Zyliss Lock N' Lift 7" Manual Handheld Can Opener with Locking Mechanism

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The Zyliss lock n' Lift locking manual handheld can opener is ergonomically designed for comfort control and efficiency. The Zyliss️ can opener locks on to the can for an easier cutting process. The knob is designed for less hand strain when turning and the product has a built-in magnet to pick up the lid once finished cutting for hands-free disposal. The Zyliss lock & lift can opener provides one of the more comfortable manuals that can opening experiences around. 7" manual handheld locking can opener.


  • The locking mechanism securely locks the cutting wheel in place to ensure a consistent cut and reduced strain on the hands
  • Smooth & easy turning handle is made of a soft-touch design and helps eliminate hand fatigue for easier use.
  • The durable cutting mechanism is made from a high-grade sharpened stainless steel Wheel to puncture cans easily
  • The built-in magnet helps you lift the lid off the can for hands-free disposal once finished opening
  • Modern design fits well with all kitchen styles and is more comfortable than traditional clunky openers


30 Day Warranty